The Truth About Fighting Acne & Acne Scars


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  • Acne Resources
    Articles and resources for treating acne and the scars acne can leave.

  • Acne... Defined
    Do you feel like you can't face the day when you have a pimple? I know some days they just have me wanting to pull out the old pj's and a book, or the heavy concealing makeup, rather than wait for acne treatments to take effect. I have a good skin care regimen that I follow, where are these zits coming from?

  • Treatment for Acne
    Have you had to live with scars from acne or acne treatment? They now have this space age therapy using light to help you. With few side effects or discomfort, skin conditions may be greatly reduced or eliminated with this treatment. It's a boost to the self-esteem and a brightening to your future.

  • What You Didn't Know About Cleansing Your Acne Prone Skin
    The bath isle at any store is teaming with 'maximum strength' acne treatments. Each claims to have a magic ingredient to aid in your skin problems. But what is the truth behind this rhetoric? There are three steps to any skin care routine.

  • Beyond The Basics of Cleansing
    Keeping your skin clean is one of the most effective acne fighters. It is important to set up a daily routine to treat your acne - but, sometimes you need more than just basic cleansing.

  • Your Diet And Acne
    It's morning and you look in the mirror. You look closer, and to your horror- see a zit. Before you start cursing that double chocolate banana split you have last night, think again; is diet really a good acne treatment? Maybe, but separating the myth from fact can be difficult.

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Acne Resources
Acne... Defined
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What You Didn't Know About Cleansing Your Acne Prone Skin
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